July 26, 2017

Branches & Industries


MYESTRO offers advisory services to hedge assistance systems. In this context, we focus on the detection of dangerous situations based on image processing and depth sensors.


Aviation is becoming more comfortable and passengers expect a certain degree of luxury. Using Stereo, for example the seat height and the backrest can be individually adjusted fully automatically for every passenger. In addition, with gesture control the ease of use of the entertainment system can be simplified.


For a smooth technical interaction of cameras and robots an accurate calibration is required. With this being ensured, manufacturing processes can be significantly simplified, speeded-up and automated.


Image processing and position detection (2D/3D) can play a decisive role in planning, implementation and optimization of all parts in the supply chain like order picking.

Research and Development

With the nearby KIT and other institutes, we benefit from the good connection to the current state of research and a constant knowledge exchange. In addition, we offer various development services to give you the best possible support with your product development.

Medical Technology

For medical analysis, it is of vital importance that image processing works fast, precise and reliable. For this reason, the need for new developments and solutions is higher than ever before.