July 26, 2017

Products & Technologies

High Precision Calibration – KIEV

With KIEV, a completely new approach is used to measure and calibrate the optical system itself. As a result, a vector field is created that corrects the distortion on a subpixel level fully automated in only a few seconds. Using the latest generation, also stereo cameras can be calibrated extrinsically.


Continuous Extrinsic Calibration – Rubber

If the position of two cameras in a stereo camera setup has changed due to external influences, up to now a completely new calibration was required. Using the new Rubber technology developed by MYESTRO, the calibration can be done constantly during operation resulting in perfectly line synchronized images.


3D and Stereo Vision – Computer Vision Framework

Based on our customer’s challenges, we have developed our own Computer Vision Framework CVF. Using the Framework and the variety of modules that developed over time, you can fully concentrate on the actual development of your application. You want to change the platform during the development phase? No Problem! The Computer Vision Framework works and scales to every setup from the smallest microcontroller through FPGA-Boards to Workstations using multiple graphics cards.


Gesture Control – AirPointr

MYESTRO offers a contactless control system using gestures. The sensor works passively and without the need of active infrared which ensures the functionality even in sunlight with a window pane between the user and the camera. This feature offers various possible applications for interactive advertising in shop windows. You can source the gesture control sensor directly from us or as system solution from our partner XAA Systems.