Computer Vision in Real Time



The AirPointr is a gesture control. With the AirPointr users are able to use a computer touchless. The host systems curser position is calculated from motion within the sensing range. This intuitive concept enables even unexperienced user to use the gesture control, therefor the AirPointr is suitable for usage in public.

The AirPointr is especially suitable for usage in display window advertising. Display windows are often blocking infrared light, to improve isolation capabilities. Many common gesture controls use infrared light to enhance the detection of the scene. The AirPointrs sensor works passive and does not need an active infrared lighting. The passive detection enable the system to work in sunshine or when a thick display window is placed between user and sensor.

The transformation from image to gestures is done by check card sized computer. The AirPointr is connected to the host system via USB and is recognised as a pointing device. No further drivers are needed to operate the AirPointr.

The AirPointr can be bought directly from Myestro or as a system solution from our partner Xaa Systems.




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